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Q: What is Fetcher’s starter plan?

Our Starter plan is a free limited-use version of our product that you can use as long as you need to. This plan is perfect for individuals and small businesses who ideally make 1-2 hires per year.

With the Starter plan, you can use Fetcher for free and still enjoy powerful features and functionality to help you find the right candidates quickly and easily. 

Starter includes: 

  • 50 profile enrichments per month from the Fetcher database, which consists of over 100M candidates


  • Our LinkedIn sourcing plugin
  • Email integration & Templatized email outreach
  • Basic analytics & CRM

Q: Is Fetcher’s Starter plan really free?

Yup! Our Starter plan is free and we will never charge a setup fee. We strongly believe in transparency, so you will never find hidden charges.

And if you’re curious about additional features available on our other plan types, compare all plans here.

Q: How long does it take to get my Starter account?

Once you have requested a Starter account, we will be working in the background to get your account activated within 48 business hours. Upon activation, you will receive an email confirmation to log in, including important information on account setup.

Q: How do I connect my ATS or get access to more features?

The Starter Plan is feature-limited and does not include ATS integrations. However, ATS integrations and additional features can be found on our paid plans which can be paid monthly or annually. We integrate with a lot of your favorite tools including Greenhouse, Lever, Slack, and more to name a few. 

If you’re interested in additional features or services please contact us to determine if another plan is right for you

Q: I’m running through my monthly lead credits faster than expected, how can I get more?

The Starter plan includes 50 profile enrichments per month from the Fetcher database.

If you are running through more leads, please contact us to determine if another plan is right for you.

Q: Can I invite team members to my starter account?

At this time the Starter Plan comes with only 1 user access. Our other plan types include additional features that are better suited for accomplishing team goals.

However, if you are interested in getting a team plan, please contact us for more information.

Q: Do you have a support team? How do I submit a support ticket?

Yes, we have an amazing support team, however since the Starter Plan is free this tier comes with limited support. Nonetheless, using Fetcher should be as simple as possible and we provide as much help as we reasonably can through our help documentation.

Please be sure to look through our Starter Plan content (like this handy FAQ page!) before submitting a support ticket.

Q: How do I know if Fetcher’s Starter plan is right for me? 

We recommend the Starter Plan to individuals and small businesses who ideally make 1-2 hires per year, or to those who are interested in trying out the basics of the platform to see if it fits their needs.

Q: How do I start a search in Fetcher?

You can start a search by clicking on “New Search” on the right corner of your dashboard. Once clicked you will see “New Search”, please see Opening a new search for more information.

If you would like a full walkthrough for Starter Plans, be sure to check out all our steps here.

Q: How do I start sending emails from my Gmail or Outlook?

As part of our account setup, you will need to sync your email account first. Syncing will allow you to start contacting candidates on the Fetcher platform. You will be able to send via Outlook, Gmail, or Fetcher. If you are an Outlook user you will be ready to send emails after completing this step.

Please note that If you have a Gmail account you will need to whitelist gmail for Fetcher as an additional step.

Can't sync or don't want to? You can still contact candidates through Fetcher's SendGrid integrations and will come as

Note: Synced email accounts on average get a 50% response rate than non-synced email accounts

Q: How do I start contacting my candidates?

After syncing your email, you will be able to contact candidates by opening a new search. Upon filling out the necessary details you will able to set up email templates related to your search and start sourcing in the platform.

You will have the ability to contact candidates through the Source and Profile Tabs within the platform. From there you will be able to immediately send the first email in your sequence by selecting the “Email Now” button, or for more flexibility, you can select “Schedule Now” by clicking on the bottom arrow.

Q: How do I update my email templates? Are they customizable?

You can edit your email templates through the settings page or when opening a search. Email templates are customizable with variables and can be updated when you start a search or by going to email settings. 

We recommend setting up your email templates prior to contacting candidates and being creative with your outreach. You’re more than welcome to use the Fetcher default templates but our most successful customers add their own spin to better enhance their outreach efforts.

If you would like some tips, we recommend checking out our article on optimizing email outreach.

Note: If you’re interested in changing your email sender, that feature is only available on our team plans.

Q: How can I find my open positions and keep track of my searches?

Upon logging into your fetcher account, the main landing page includes your fetcher dashboard. At the bottom under “Outreaches” is where you will be able to view your positions.

Additionally, your searches are viewable on the left-hand navigation under "Searches."

Q: Can I only source within Fetcher?

At Fetcher, we believe you should be able to source however you want to source. That’s why we have two ways.

1. Through our platform which connects you to our 100M+ candidate database

2. With the Fetcher Extension on top of LinkedIn

Our Chrome extension allows you to source outside the Fetcher platform while also sending emails in just one click.  Find out how to manage your searches in the extension here

Q: How do I use the Fetcher extension?

You can access the Fetcher Extension through the Integrations Page and download it from there. For more information, please check out getting started with the Fetcher Extension.

Please review our Getting Started section for more information.

Q: How do you collect Candidate data? How do I know if your database will work for me?

We collect candidate data only from trusted third-party vendors and integrate it into our database. The data we gather is restricted to names, contact information, current and former jobs, location of work, professional attributes/qualifications, experience and skills, as well as any other relevant information shared on professional social media profiles. Our service does not collect sensitive personal information or anything outside of those areas.

We specialize in sourcing a wide variety of salaried office jobs across different industries. We do not typically recruit for trade jobs (involving manual labor) or entry-level service jobs.

Our strongest coverage is in North America and Europe where we have a large user base and robust set of integrations with popular applicant tracking systems. That said, Fetcher has customers in many other regions, including Asia, Australia, and Latin America, and we are continually expanding our reach to support customers worldwide.

Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more.

Q: Is Fetcher GDPR compliant?

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect on May 25, 2018, and Fetcher is proud that we are 100% compliant. While GDPR is focused on Europe, we believe all Fetcher’s data subjects have the same rights and deserve these top-level protection standards. We respect your privacy and consider your personal information sacred. Fetcher has updated systems and processes to ensure compliance and to ensure that all of our users receive the same protections.

For more information, please see our Fetcher and GDPR page.

Q: Why do you need access to my Gmail?

We find the best way to contact and gain the trust of potential candidates is by using your real name and email associated with the outreach messages. The most efficient way to do that and still benefit from our automated process is to sync your email account. In order to do that, we'll require certain permissions on your email account. For more information, please read this article.

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