Viewing Your Positions

Upon signing into your account, you will be taken to the main landing page, your "Dashboard". If you scroll all the way to the bottom there you will see all of your searches you have started under "Outreaches":

Note: The dashboard will first default to only show a mix of open, held and closed searches. To view exclusively Closed positions, On Hold positions, or all positions at once section the appropriate filter at the top right.

For every position that you have, you will see an overview that summarizes key stats such as the position status (open, closed, or hold), profiles we have sent, contacted rate, open rate, response rate and interested rate. You will also see an eyeball that represents Unvetted leads and a letter that represents response needed section. All the way to the right you will see 3 horizontal dots that if you hover over will bring up a list of different thing you can edit or adjust. This is also where you can go to put a search on hold or close.

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