Whitelisting Gmail for Fetcher

How to whitelist Gmail for Fetcher

Completing this process is the safest way to connect with Fetcher. It gives admins the ability to revoke access if necessary. Moreover, connecting should improve deliverability and notify to Google that this is indeed an approved application for your business. 

Once the administrator whitelists the application, anyone at your company will be able to sync their accounts into the application.

First, copy the Fetcher ID, you'll need it for the fifth step:
  1. Admins should sign in to their Google Admin Console; from the Google Admin dashboard, go to “Security” and open up “Settings”.
  2. 2. Then, admins should scroll down and click on “Advanced Settings”.
  3. Click on “Manage Third-Party App Access."
  4. Click on “Add App” and select “OAuth App Name Or Client ID.”
  5. Simply paste this ID: 984605458581-c4is1tdq1jeq7ib0sb2fhhra6kkf9no2.apps.googleusercontent.com.
  6. The Google project the admin whitelisted will now appear in their list of “App Access Control.”
Please make sure that the access level is set to "trusted app" when adding Fetcher to the whitelist

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