Using the Fetcher Chrome Extension

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Adding profiles with the Fetcher Extension

Now that you have downloaded the Extension and are signed in, let's get Fetching!

Open up the Chrome Extension on your browser and navigate to a profile

extension pin

Select a Search from the dropdown and navigate to a profile

select search

There are two ways to add profiles into Fetcher

  1. If Fetcher identifies the profile and you want to add them, click add to Search. Once added to the search, the email will unmask
  2. If Fetcher doesn't identify the profile, the upload with PDF option will appear.
If profile exists in your Directory from a prior search or already added from the Extension, you can simply add the profile to a different search

Vetting the Profile

Now that you have added a profile, you can vet the profile within the Extension

  1. Review the keyword matches between the profile and the search - plus review any past company history with the profile
  2. Like or Dislike the profile in the Extension. Your selection can be undone at any time too!
like dislike

Contact the Candidate

After vetting the candidate, contacting them is as simple as one click!

  1. To contact the candidate, simply click email now to start the email sequence
    1. Additionally, you can schedule the message if you'd like to wait
  2. Want to send something custom? You are able to write a custom email to the candidate to send immediately or schedule for later
Please be advised that with our current Fetcher Chrome Extension version, it is only compatible using the "Public LinkedIn Profile" of the candidate. Fetcher Chrome extension is not compatible to run using the "LinkedIn Recruiter" account.

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