Step 2 - Opening A New Search (Starter Plan)

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Open a Search on Fetcher

The first step to finding your profiles for your next role is to open a search. To get started from the Dashboard, click on New Search to start the processing of opening a New Search.

The first question "How will you source?" refers to the two types of searches on Fetcher - Self Sourced and Fetcher. For Starter Plans, you will only have access to Self-Sourced Searches.

Complete the basic criteria for the search including target locations, target job titles, required skills, target industry, and experience

When ready, click Submit to open the search

Setup Email Templates

After submission, you will be taken to the template page for your new search. Go ahead and edit these to make the outreach your own.

If you don't have time to do so right this minute, you can always get back to that by clicking on "Email Templates" in the sidebar or using the Template Tab on the Search

Once you make it back to your dashboard you'll now see your new position there.

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