Do I have to sync my email?

No. Email syncing is not required in order to use the Fetcher platform or email automations.

If a user or company prefers not to sync emails will be sent from for the platform using the Fetcher subdomain instead.

The from: email address will show as your email prefix before the "@" followed by

Example: Your email is ""

If you are synced, candidates will receive emails from "".

If you are not synced, candidates will see emails from "".

For your convenience, we will always forward candidate responses to the email address associated with the account (ex., but sent emails can only be viewed when you're logged into Fetcher.

For added visibility you have the option to "cc" or "bcc" other preferred inboxes on email templates.

Our data shows customer who send from their own domain usually see higher response rates, so while email sync is not required, it is recommended.

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