Setting up your templates

Before you start reaching out, you want to make sure that your templates are all set up. You are ultimately the best person to really convey what's great about the your company and the position you're trying to hire for. More on that here, but for now, let's look at how to edit and save templates.

The template page

To get to your templates, click on "My Templates" located in the settings menu on the bottom left corner of the screen:

Following this link will bring you to the actual template page:

Let's make sure everything is as it should be.

If you're running more than one search with us, you can pick the campaign you want to work on using the dropdown at the top of the screen.

Setting the sender information

The sender is always set to the owner of the role (you can change that here), but you can use this section to add CCs or BCCs, and to edit your subject.

Editing the templates

Fetcher is set up for three touchpoints. The first is your introduction, the second a follow-up, and the last one a final check-in. Use the editors on this page to tweak these.


We have a number of variables available to make your life easier and help personalize your emails (full list) which you can insert these using the "Variable" dropdown.

These also work in the Subject field


To see the result of your hard work, click on "Preview" just above the editor on the right side. You can also send yourself the email to see how the candidates will receive it.

Saving your work

When you're happy with how everything looks, click on the "Save Changes" button at the top.

Changing your outreach schedule

You set your outreach schedule during your onboarding, but if you wanted to change it, you can do so by clicking on "Edit Schedule".

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