Managing responses

Managing your responses

Now that you've started reaching out to people, responses will start coming in. You can of course manage these though your regular inbox, but Fetcher makes it really easy to do so on our platform, and keep all your conversations with candidates in one place.

Viewing your conversations

You can find your responses under the Contacts heading in the left side panel, and there are four presets:

  • All
  • Scheduled
  • Responded
  • Interested

To see your responses, click on "Responded":

If you want to move to a specific search, you can use the dropdown at the top. Similarly, to see a subset, you can use the second drop down to do so.

Responding to someone

To reply to someone, simply click on the "Reply" button when looking at a thread:

and then craft your considered and poetic reply, using the formatting options and variables as needed:

Added bonus to managing responses on our platform? Anyone that's on the position will be able to monitor the responses and reply on behalf of the email sender.

Marking people as interested

Once somebody responds, it's super easy to make them as either Interested or Not Interested using the Action menu at the top of your email thread:

Doing this will make it even easier to keep track of people as you're progressing in your search, and it will give you a better idea of how effective your email outreach is.

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