How to pause your emails

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Fetcher includes a Pause Email setting that allows you to "hold" any scheduled outbound communication.

While you will still be able to receive responses, any automated emails you have scheduled will be queued, and held until you remove the pause, or the pause expires.

Use this feature and schedule your time away and make sure that your outreaches prompt response when you are available to engage.

Pausing emails is a setting that exists at the User Level. Search Owners can pause emails for their outreaches, without interrupting emails globally.

How it Works

Go to your Settings > Email & Calendar Settings > Pause Outgoing Emails

  1. Open the Calendar by selecting Add Date Range
  2. Select your start and end dates for a Pause
  1. Save

After you have set the dates to pause your emails, you can Unpause, Edit, or Delete from within this page. If a search is actively paused, you will see this reflected in the search dashboard.

Curious about Pauses that have expired? Your Pause History lists pauses that have occurred in the past. Select a date range to see any expired pauses.

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