Fetcher Product Updates - July 2023

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Search Criteria Updates

Fetcher has updated our search criteria screen to ensure easier search creation and more accurate information to source profiles for searches

Main Updates to Search Creation
  1. Updated search creation header to focus on your goals (leads/week, goal to put the search on hold)
  2. Copy Criteria is more accessible to copy information from a previous search
  3. Additional basic criteria is now required in order to deliver more accurate profiles
    1. Target Job Titles, Required Skills, Target Industry, and Minimum and Maximum Experience are now required
Checkout this video walkthrough of the Search Criteria tab

Search Team Tab

Managing your team members in Fetcher has never been easier with the Search Team tab! Managing your team members roles from the main search will save you clicks and allow for quicker updates to the search team

Adding Team Members
  1. Click "Add Collaborators" and add in the user(s) that you want to add to the search
Updating Team Members Roles
  1. Click the 3 dots next to the user on the search
    1. "Make Owner" will update the owner of the search
    2. "Make Email Sender" will update the email sender of the search
    3. "Remove Team Member" will remove the team member of the search
Dependent on if the user is a seat holder will determine what roles can be assigned to the user. Only seat holders can be assigned as owners. Watchers (who are not seat holders) can be assigned as email senders.
Checkout this video walkthrough of the Search Team tab

Bulk Import Updates

While our bulk import release came out in Q1 this year, Fetcher has made some enhancements to the performance. Import files dependent on size will process at faster rates allowing you to add profiles into Fetcher in minutes

If you want to learn more about Bulk Import, check out this article on Bulk Import

Additional United States Locations

Having trouble finding that U.S. location in Fetcher? Fetcher has updated our location database to expand the coverage of locations to target for your searches allowing Fetcher to better target leads for your search.

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