Product Update - March 2024

Updated by Taylor Bold

AI Job Parser

With Fetcher's AI Job Parser, you can now use existing job descriptions to pre-fill the Fetcher search criteria. Using the job parser will save you valuable time when opening new searches.

  1. When creating a new search, click "Copy & Paste" and paste in the job description
    1. Click "Save" on the pop-up
  1. After saving the job description, click "Generate Criteria" and our AI Job Parser will pre-fill information into the Fetcher search criteria form

Search Criteria Updates

Along with our AI Job Parser, Fetcher has made enhancements to our search criteria fields to match our Fetcher database search and added new fields to improve precision and accuracy

When opening up new searches, criteria will pre-fill the the Source Tab allowing you to start adding and contacting potential candidates immediately

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