Product Updates - August 2023

Updated by Taylor Bold

New & Improved Fetcher Chrome Extension!

Over the past few months, we have been making some major changes to our Fetcher Chrome Extension. These enhancements will help you source on your time and your way!

Main Enhancements to the Chrome Extension
  1. Data enrichment in the Chrome Extension allows you add profiles to Fetcher without needing to always download a PDF or Ask to Fetcher to Add
    1. Download a PDF option will still appear if Fetcher can't identify a profile
  2. New layout shows keyword matches to your search and view any past candidate history
  3. One-click email enables outreach to candidates quickly while allowing you to schedule or create a custom message
Checkout this video walkthrough on the new version of the Chrome Extension

New to using the Extension? Check out Getting Started with the Fetcher Extension

Search Criteria Updates

We heard your feedback! "Any" on has been added to Target Industry allowing your searches to target candidates from any field.

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