Anatomy of a Fetcher Lead

Sourced vs. Extension

There are two categories of leads that you can leverage when using the platform. When you open a search, the first question prompt asks "How Will you Source." Below are the two different types of projects available to you.

  1. Fetcher (we'll add people & you can too)
    If you want to offload your sourcing efforts to Fetcher, choose this option. By default, we'll send you 20 leads per week in two batches of 10 (see below to learn how to increase or decrease the volume per week). You also can use our Chrome Extension to complement the proactive drip of leads.
  2. Extension Only (you'll add people exclusively)
    If you want to build a pipeline on your own, without Fetcher's help, choose this option.
Tip 1: Adding leads through the extension on a Fetcher search helps calibrate the results.

Tip 2: You can switch a Fetcher search to an Extension Only search at any time. The same applies to Extension searches. Go to the Search Criteria page > click edit > and switch the search type. Remember to fill out the criteria of an Extension Only search if it's empty.

Lead Count

Every Fetcher package includes two buckets, one for leads that are proactively sent to you, and another one for self-sourced leads.

Fetcher Sourced Leads:

Your Fetcher account will include a predetermined number of Fetcher sourced leads. Make sure to keep track of the number of leads you have available by looking at the counter on the main Dashboard page. You can add more leads to your package by contacting our Support Team.

The calibration process is part of every search. Please keep in mind that any lead sent proactively will count towards your total amount. We recommend pausing or closing out searches to avoid wasting leads.
Chrome Extension Leads:

Most of our new packages include access to the extension. If you run out of Extension leads, reach out to your Customer Succes Manager.

Seat-based packages: Admins will have visibility to the total number of leads included in their package. Users will only be able to see the number of leads assigned to their seats.

Delivery Volume and Cadence

By default, all Fetcher searches will receive 20 leads per week in two batches of 10. You can request to increase or decrease the amount as needed. Go to the Notes page and tell our team how many leads you would like to receive per week. Our support team will reach out if we cannot fulfill the request based on the pool of talent available.

Reach out to our Renewals Team if you want to request more than 50 leads per week. If the pool

The delivery dates will vary depending on our capacity. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you want to set a delivery schedule (e.g. Tuesdays and Thursdays).

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