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The goal of each search should be to reach the point of Full Automation. Full Automation is one of the greatest predictors of success because it

The people who have the most success on our platform are those that fully automate religiously. The way to get there: Calibrate aggressively for the first few batches, and then automate everything.

What is Full Automation?

"Fully Automated" means that both the Auto-Schedule and Auto-Follow features are turned on. When a batch is sent all of its potential candidates will be automatically scheduled for outreach. Then, anyone who receives that initial email will be followed up with automatically. This is similar to putting the search on cruise control, while you continue to steer with your feedback.

Automatically scheduled emails can be cancelled manually before they are sent.

When to switch?

Make sure that your follow-ups are automated from the start. We recommend using the first two or three batches to calibrate, and then switch on full automation once you feel the majority of potential candidates meets your criteria. Altogether you should be fully automated by week 3 of your search.

You can turn on both levels of automation in the Email Delivery section.

You can also automate your ATS integration, for greater ease.

Search Maintenance

Once your search is fully automated, guidance is still required to keep the search heading in the right direction. You can do so by vetting leads on an ongoing basis. Spending 10-15 minutes per week on this will ensure we stay on track!

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