Giving Candidate Feedback

Why Give Feedback?

Feedback in the beginning stages of the search is essential. Our most successful clients provide detailed feedback during the calibration period, allowing us to calibrate the search and find the best leads.

Providing feedback is simple and easy, and starts right on the lead card. At the bottom left corner of the candidate card, you'll see four icons for Good Fit, Bad Fit, Comments, and Full Profile. For this you'll use the first three.

First use the thumbs to mark leads as a "Good Fit" or a "Bad Fit".

Vetting on Profile Cards

Secondly, go to comment section to use the tags under "Positive", "Negative" and "Missing Skills" to elaborate on why this person may be a fit or not. Whether a lead is a Good Fit or a Bad Fit, you can use as many tags as needed from these areas to provide context on the fitness of the profile. We'll use it all to improve future batches!

Add Comments for Sourcing
The Comment section allows you to also communicate feedback to our team directly. This is best for contextual information that does not appear in the tags, but if you're ever in doubt, just write it out!

Once a search is calibrated and the leads are well targeted, we recommend fully automating to save time and energy reviewing and contacting. But, even after you've calibrated and turned on your automations, you should continue to provide feedback on potential candidates to ensure the search stays on track.

Our most successful clients generally spend between 10 - 15 minutes a week providing feedback.

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