Giving Candidate Feedback

Why Give Feedback?

Feedback in the beginning stages of the search is essential. Our most successful clients provide detailed feedback, allowing us to further calibrate our search and find the perfect candidates.

Providing feedback is simple and easy, and starts right on the page where you view all of your candidates. First, select a position from the left menu bar. This will show all of the candidates for that particular role. 

At the bottom left corner of the candidate card, you will see the option to mark a lead as a Good Fit or Bad Fit, and leave Comments

To give feedback, click either Like or Dislike, then go to "Share Comment" add tags such as Right Skills, Relevant Experience, Too Junior, Education Mismatch, etc.

The Comment section allows you to communicate feedback directly to our team as well as leave notes and comments for your own team. Any team member added to the position can leave comments and weigh in on potential candidates making collaborative decisions much more efficient.
If you think a candidate is a "Bad Fit" you can still point out positive desirable traits and vice versa. The combination will create a map of good and bad traits to inform future batches!

Even after you've calibrated and turned on your automations, you should continue to provide feedback on potential candidates to ensure the search stays on track. Our most successful clients generally spend between 10 and 15 minutes providing feedback each week.

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