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There are two possible integrations with Lever: the standard one that’s built into lever (and allows the sending of candidates) and the more involved Data API integration (which is bidirectional but only available to those clients that have Lever Enterprise, or separately purchased the Data API Access).

If you have Lever Enterprise or the Data API add-on:

  1. Go to lever.co/settings
  2. Select Integrations at bottom of sidebar menu
  3. Open the API Credentials tab (your admin may need to do this)
  4. Generate Lever API credentials (not Postings API credentials)
  5. Save the key somewhere safe, you will not be able to see the key again once you've finished this process
  6. Name the key, you can use Fetcher to better recall its purpose
  7. Choose selections based on this video
  8. Scroll down and click “Done”
  9. Enter the key under the Lever section in the integration settings on Fetcher, This will take care of both push (sending candidates) and pull (dupe check) integration.

At a minimum, these permissions will have to be checked:

  • Read user
  • List users
  • Read candidate
  • List candidates
  • List postings
  • Create candidate

Ideally, also the list stages permission would be checked

All other Lever configurations:

Follow the steps in this article (Please note: save the key somewhere safe after you copy it! This is the only time you will be able to save it.) This will allow you to send people to Lever, but won't allow us to check who is in your ATS already.

Please note: in order for the integration to take, the email address on the Fetcher and Lever accounts needs to be the same.

Once you got the API key:

  1. Go back to Fetcher's integrations page.
  2. Click "Connect" on Lever and paste the new key that was generated.
  3. Click "Save" and you're done!

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