Managing Your Team

We've made it easy to manage your team on Fetcher -  you can add and remove team members from the platform, invite them to access certain positions, change the ownership of positions, and more. To start, let's look at the difference between Owners and Watchers.

Owners vs. Watchers

Owners and watchers on a position have almost exactly the same functionality. The main differences are that any email outreach comes from the owner’s email address, only the owner can add team members to access a position and only the owner can set the automation settings for a position (ATS, email schedules, etc.).

If you are set as the owner on a position and you’d like to add a team member, first go to Settings > Team.

On this page, you will see all of your current team members and the option to invite new ones. To invite someone new click on the "Invite Teammate" button in the top right corner.

Once they have accepted the invite, go to the left menu bar and select Settings > Position Settings to add them to a specific position. Click on the "Settings" button next to a position, then "Edit Team Members."

Type in their name and they will be added to the position.

From here you can also remove people from the position by clicking "Remove" next to their name.

Admins vs. Non-admins

An admin can do several things that a non-admin can’t do, including:

  • View all positions
  • Promote/demote other users to admin status
  • Add and remove company team members
  • Change owners and watchers on positions

Here is how you can use the functionality available to you as an admin:

A. To make an existing team member an admin, go to Settings > Team and simply click "Make Admin" next to their name.

B. To remove people from your team, select the "Removeoption.

If you’ve removed someone and you would like to reactivate their account, then on that same page click "Re-activate."

If you want to remove someone’s admin status but keep them on the platform, the best way to do this is to remove them from your team and then re-activate their account again.

Changing owners

Lastly, to change owners on a position, go to Settings > Position Settings. Then next to a position click on "Settings" followed by "Edit Team Members."

Then, select "Make Owner" next to a team member’s name to make them an owner.

By default, an admin is the first user that is added to your company on Fetcher.

And that's all that there is to managing your team! As always, please feel free to contact us should you have any questions (

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