Adding New Users

We've made it easy to manage your team on Fetcher -  you can add and remove team members from the platform, invite them to access certain positions, change the ownership of positions, and more. To start, let's look at the difference between Owners and Watchers.

Owners vs. Watchers

All users invited to the platform will have Watcher access. This level of access allows users to "watch" only the searches they have been given access to by an Admin or the search owner. When a watcher is given access to a search the can may:

  • provide feedback
  • select to contact leads

A search Owner can create their own searches and campaigns at any time, but can only see their own searches unless given access. A search Owner may also:

  • provide feedback
  • select to contact leads
  • set their own messaging
  • create Directory email campaigns
  • manage all search settings, including automations, integrations, and change search statuses
Search Owner access requires a seat which can be applied by the Fetcher Support team. If you'd like at add a seat have your account Admin contact for more information.

If you are an Admin or position Owner you’d like to add a team member, first go to Settings > Team Stats.

On this page, you can see all of your current team members and the Invite Teammate button on the top right of the screen. To invite someone new click on "Invite Teammate" then add name and email to send a platform invitation

Once they have accepted the invite, go to the left menu bar and select Settings > Outreach Settings to add them to a specific position. Click on the "Settings" button next to a position, then "Edit Team Members."

Type in their name and they will be added to the position.

From here you can also transfer ownership to other user or remove access for non-Admins by clicking "Remove" next to their name.

Ownership can only be transferred to other seat holders.

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