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Adding users to your account, building your team, and designating roles in Fetcher is simple, and you can perform multiple tasks at a single place and time.

From your bottom left navigation, go to your Team Stats page and select Invite Team Members:

Invite Teammates Chart

Here, you can create the user by inserting their name and email address, and designating a role level. You are also able to add multiple users with different roles. To do so, select Add another team member, and populate the fields with a valid name and email address.

Adding a Team Member from Fetcher
To create a user, both first and last name is required, as well as a valid email address and role assignment.

In order to assign roles, you will need to be either an Admin or Seat Holder, and only Admins can designate other Admins within your company. 

  • Admin - Can watch and edit all searches, create new searches, and manage users and their access.
  • Seat Holder - Can create new searches, and edit searches they own or created. Can watch and provide feedback for searches they're added to.
  • Watcher - Can watch and provide feedback for searches they're added to.

Once you have completed these actions and invited your team members, you can start building teams around specific searches. See this article for more information on role assignment and selecting watchers, owners, and admins for a search.

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