Create Scheduling Links

Our Scheduler is an added benefit from syncing your calendar. It will allow you to create customize Scheduling Pages with links. You can offer your candidates an easy way to view availability and book meetings using Fetcher without needing third-party scheduling solutions.

First, make sure you've already synced your calendar your Email & Calendar setting section. You'll see a green check ! Next, click Create Meeting in the Meetings section below.

In the next window, click Add Scheduling Page.

Add basic information for the meeting, like a title, location and duration. Then, click Next.

Lastly, set the availability and customize. Here you can edit the URL and set a minimum notice time - to avoid surprise scheduling and ensure you're always prepared for your next call.

Click on the Create button and your link will be ready to be sent to your candidates!

Did you available hours change?
Don't worry just head back to Email and Calendar settings click the gear icon on that scheduling link to edit any settings.

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