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You can integrate your Clockwork account with Fetcher by going to Settings in the left toolbar and clicking Integrations.

Then select Clockwork.

clock ats

Fetcher fully Partially supports Clockwork integration. This integration can only pull candidates from ClockworkHR

Dedupe: This integration can only pull Candidates from the ATS

To initiate the connection, enter your API key when prompted:

clock sign in

Can't find your API Key? Clockwork has provided the below instructions to find or create your API key:

Sign in to Clockwork

  1. Click your name in the upper right to open the dropdown menu
  2. Click Profile in the menu
  3. Find the API Keys section in Profile
  4. Press Create in the upper-right
    If "Create" is not an option, delete an existing key. If you already have a key, and have its Secret Key stored, you can use those for this step and next.
  5. Copy and add the API key that appears below

Submit your API key, and then it will ask you for clockwork api secret and clockwork service key.

api clock

Submit clockwork api secret and clockwork service key, and then it will ask for your company domain in clockwork.

sign in clock
Can't find your company domain? The domain is the word before .cockwork in your company's clockwork URL.

Upon connection, you will now see Clockwork listed in your Integrations, with Clockwork Triggers available for use.

synced clock


If you wish to stop syncing your Clockwork account with Fetcher, simply disconnect it from your Integration page.

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