Using Generative AI for Email

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What is Generative AI (Gen AI)?

Generative AI refers to a subset of artificial intelligence techniques that involve the creation of new content, such as images, text, audio, or even video, that is similar to, but not directly copied from, existing data. These AI systems are capable of generating new outputs by learning the patterns and structures present in the data they've been trained on.

Integrating Generative AI within the Fetcher platform allows recruiters, talent sourcers, and talent acquistion teams to enhance their talent marketing skill set in seconds.

How does Fetcher use Generative AI in email messaging?

Fetcher users (Growth Plan and Up) now have access to use Gen AI to help create engaging, meaniful email messaging when reaching out to prospective candidates for a position. The feature is available on the user level default touchpoint templates, the position level touchpoint templates on each search, or on touchpoint templates on a campaign.

How do I get started with Gen AI email messaging?

  1. To get started, go to My Account to update your user information and ensure the Company Information is filled in for your company
Only Company Admins are only able to update the company information. Fetcher will pre-fill some information but your Company Admin can make updates at any time
  1. Go to the an email template (user default or position default) and click Generate New
  1. Select your message criteria for the AI-based messaging
    1. Select from tone (Professional, Balanced, or Friendly)
    2. Select the language (English, French, or Spanish)
    3. Select the length of the message (Short, Medium, or Long)
    4. Add any additional context into the criteria for the AI
  1. Click Create and our AI will generate a new draft of the email message based on your user information, your company, your position criteria, and your message criteria
Note: All drafts generated from AI assistant should be reviewed prior to saving
  1. Feel free to make any final edits to the message or have the AI Assistant generate a new draft at any time. Once you have the final copy down, feel free to save the emails message.

How can I make my messaging more engaging for prospects?

Generative AI in email messaging is a powerful tool for recruiters. The more information that the AI Assistant knows about your company, the position, and your messaging goals - the better the final email draft will be for your outbound email.

Here are some tips on how to ensure your AI generated email drafts work are the best quality

  1. Use the AI Job Parser to generate the search criteria
    1. Our AI Assistant can reference the job description used to pre-fill the role in Fetcher
  1. Add any supplemental information about the position into the search
  1. Give specific instructions on "Additional prompts" to help the AI Assistant focus on what to mention for the email draft

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