Fetcher Pricing

How does Fetcher pricing work?

Fetcher’s package pricing is based on the number of seats your team needs, along with the number of candidate leads we source for you – these are leads vetted by our team and sent in batches to your email. We tailor pricing to meet your specific hiring initiatives. If you aren’t yet a Fetcher customer, schedule a call with our team to help us understand what you are looking for and get a quote based on your specific recruiting needs.

All Fetcher packages include:

  • Automated sourcing that combines machine intelligence with human insights
  • Access to Chrome extension to manually source candidates & capture contact info
  • Unlimited outbound emails to candidates
  • Personalized email templates from anyone in your organization
  • Full top-of-funnel analytics to understand your performance from outreach, team, and diversity standpoints
  • Email and ATS integration
  • Onboarding and a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure a positive, productive experience

Fetcher Automated Sourcing Savings vs Manual Sourcing

With Fetcher, recruiters can reduce the time they spend manually sourcing and increase the time they spend working with candidates and hiring managers to ensure an efficient hiring process. Below, we look at the time and cost savings (solely in hours worked) that Fetcher offers over manual sourcing.

Manual Sourcing

Automated Sourcing w/Fetcher

% of Time Spent on Sourcing*



# of Hrs Sourcing Each Week

13 hours (2.5 hours/day)

3.3 hours (40 min/day)

Manual Sourcing Cost in hours worked per week - based on $40/hour**



Total Cost per year (solely in hours spent sourcing)



Fetcher license

Pricing varies based on # of seats. Reach out for more info.

Annual Savings via Automated Sourcing

$20,176 & 505 hours (that's 21 days no longer spent sourcing)

*Based on Greenhouse Data

**Based on national salary averages for Recruiter II from PayFactors

Fetcher also eliminates the need for LinkedIn Recruiter seats, which can start at $9,000/year per seat. As our pricing is based on sourced leads, rather than seats, many companies find they no longer need to renew their LinkedIn Recruiter seats, and can save additional thousands of dollars per year on recruiting tools, too. 

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