Why do you need access to Outlook?

We find the best way to contact and gain the trust of potential candidates is to have your real name and email associated with the message. The most efficient way to do that and still benefit from our automated process is to sync your email account.

What we need

Fetcher has the ability to sync with Outlook Exchange and Office 365. In order to sync your email you will have to give Fetcher permission to view your inbox and make updates as needed. Here is a basic overview of what sync allows:

  • Maintain access to data you have given fetcher access to
    allows Fetcher to see and update the data you gave it access to, even when you are not currently using the app. This does not give fetcher any additional permissions.
  • Read your profile
    fetcher will be able to read your profile.
  • Send mail as you
    fetcher will be able to send mail as you.
  • Read and write access to your mail
    fetcher will be able to read, update, create and delete email in your mailbox. Does not include permission to send mail

Why we need it

While granting access will allow Fetcher to do all of those things, it's good to note we don't actually do all of them. Here's what we actually do:

  • Send emails (Only to approved candidates and only using templates based on those you approve)
  • Assign your name and email address as sender you Fetcher platform emails
  • Track replies from people you contact via Fetcher. These are the only responses we process; We do not download or access other messages.
Deletion is included in one level of permission, Fetcher will never delete emails from your inbox

As stated in our Terms and Conditions, these permissions will be used solely to the benefit of your company as a function of the agreed upon service. Here at Fetcher we are committed to conducting our business in a way that ensures the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained. For more information on our commitment you can review our Privacy Policy.

Do I have to sync my email?

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