Bug Bounty Program

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Keeping Fetcher Invulnerable

Keeping Fetcher data safe and secure from online security breaches is of the utmost importance to Fetcher.

This is why we're happy to support your efforts in finding and reporting security bugs that may exist in our platform.

The most common vulnerabilities are related to the classifications below:

  • Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
  • Improper Access Control
  • Information Disclosure
  • Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)
  • Insecure Direct Object Reference (IDOR)
  • Privilege Escalation
  • SQL Injection
  • Improper Authentication
  • Code Injection
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)


For more information, or to report a security bug within the Fetcher platform, please contact security@fetcher.ai.

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